Gene Ryals

Clarence “Gene” Ryals recently returned home after completing his recovery from a broken hip at Camellia Gardens of Life Care in Thomasville, Georgia.


This wasn’t Ryals’ first time at the rehab center.


“In April of 2016, I fell when a ladder slipped off a tree,” Ryals remembered. “I sustained a broken hip and shoulder. I was able to make a complete recovery thanks to the therapists at Camellia Gardens. In December of 2017, my dog knocked me down, and my other hip was broken. There was a question of where I would like to complete rehabilitation. I, of course, chose Camellia Gardens.”


When Ryals arrived for this most recent break, he needed assistance with a lot of tasks many of us take for granted – handling his daily grooming routine, taking a shower, getting dressed, standing, transferring from one surface to another, walking and even rolling over in bed.


Ryals worked with the physical and occupational therapy teams to recover strength, balance and independence. They did therapeutic exercises and activities, gait training, activities of daily living training and community reintegration.


“I consider the entire rehab staff at Camellia Gardens as my extended family,” said Ryals. “I am forever grateful for their services.”


Ryals is back up on his feet, able to get around on his own and take care of himself again. He returned home on March 8 and continued therapy services at Camellia Gardens as an outpatient.